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Product Development II

Successful cooperation between PPSE and Gearsup Solutions continue to help businesses that offer touristic attractions to visitors in Kosovo.

Next project that Gearsup Solutions and PPSE implemented was “Product Development II” intervention. The project started in August 2016 and will continue until mid-2017. The project was planned and will be executed in five phases.

First activity was consisted with identification of the potential partners for developing new or existing products. Criteria’s that helped us identifying and select the products were:

  • Innovative
  • Sellable at an assigned market price, so each product generates income for the product owner
  • Adds value to the tourism offer or things to do
  • Possibility to employee people
  • Financial participation of the partners is 40% for product development and additional 4% of the product value for the coaching

The identification of the potential partners for developing new and existing products was shared in to four phases. The final decision (phase five) and next steps will be known after the final recommendations and suggestions from the PPSE management.

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