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ITD-IATA Training for CoC

In cooperation with LuxDev, Gearsup Solutions has started implementing the project “Service provision by the local specialized company for the training/coaching of the teachers of tourism profiles in the CoCPrizren” with a specific training in IATA Training Program.


The broader context of Project KSV/015 “Support to Vocational Education and Training (VET) Reform in Kosovo” is the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) priority programme to establish seven so-called Centres of Competence (CoC) for VET in different regions of Kosovo. By doing so, the MEST aims to address the deficient infrastructure and to reform the system towards demand-driven VET. This implies alignment of VET provision with occupational profiles and skills and competences needed in the labour market, and linking VET to the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and the established National Qualification Authority (NQA) for standards, curricula and certification. These centres have been established and some of them are planned to be established in selected economic sectors with a potential for growth: in economics in Malisheva, construction in Skenderaj, health care in Ferizaj, economics, trade and tourism in Prizren, forestry in Peja, agriculture in Suhareka, and ICT in Prishtina.

The KSV/015 project has been mandated to support the construction, provision of equipment, and operationalization of two CoCs: Ferizaj and Prizren. Its office is based in the VET Division of the MEST.


There is an urgent need for provision of professional training for four tourism trainers of the CoCPrizren on IATA Travel and Tourism Program. As well the project and the CoC management considers that after the provision of the training there is still a need for further technical assistance to custom essay writing service be provided by the tourism expert, and therefore this follow up activity should be provided by the outsourcing company. This service should be provided at least once a month. And the last service required by the company should be the technical assistance on conducting Training Needs Assessment for the respective profiles. This should be provided in the close collaboration with the future ILCG office that will be established in the CoCPrizren.


The following specific objectives are foreseen for this assignment:

  • To upgrade the level of qualification of the teachers of the CoC in Prizren, for the profiles in the sector of Tourism;
  • To update and increase the teaching provision skills of the tourism profiles teachers, particularly in topics related to touristic packages and flights ticketing;
  • To strengthen the cooperation and linkage between the CoC and one of the most recognized private companies, operating in the specific sector, in the local labour market;

To facilitate CoC graduates’ access to employment.