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Improving Tourguiding Capacities in Kosovo


Although Pristina is the capital of Kosovo, very little is done to turn it into a tourist destination. The fact that no information on tourism is available on the current municipality website and still there is no tourist information center shows that this field has not been a priority for the local governments until today. As a vibrant and growing city, Prishtina faces many other challenges that are more important than tourism. Nonetheless the Municipality of Prishtina has started looking at tourism as an opportunity to support local employment, improve city’s image and generate incremental income.

On the other PPSE has shown interest to support the municipality in the field of improving the tourism offer that will anticipate job generation.

When we look at tourism offer, Prishtina has things to offer. The city has a rich past that can be of great interest to foreign tourists. Yet, there are very few touristic sites that visualize that history and culture that identify the city. Also, Prishtina is not only the urban part that offers cultural tourism. The sites surrounding Prishtina have potential for both cultural and active tourism. In terms of amenities, Prishtina destination leads as it is home to many hotels, hostels, pubs and restaurants that offer great value for little money.

Same applies to Prizren and Gjakova.

According to an assessment done by previously by PPSE, the industry is claiming that the availability and quality of tour guides in Prishtina, Prizen and Gjakova is insufficient to meet the tourism industry needs.

Project purpose and objectives

The project foresees improving the tour guide capacities in the municipalities of Prishtina, Prizen and Gjakova through recruitment, selection, training and coaching local 10 tour guides each in Pristina, Prizren and Gjakova by 10.07.2018.