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Developing and Promoting Kosovo Tourism Offers in Albania

While there have been a numerous projects of PPSE to support local and international promotion of Kosovo tourism products, so far no project was established to promote such products to a specific market. Especially the regional markets with high growth potential are of great importance to the development of the incoming tourism to Kosovo. Such an intervention would essay writers online trigger job creation and increase in revenues.

Albania is a strategic market for Kosovo tourism due to its cultural, social, and economic links,, language similarity and modern road infrastructure. Yet, the product owners and tour operators in Kosovo have little or no knowledge to take advantage of this opportunity.

Scope of work

This projects i based in six activity points:

  1. Market Assessment of Competitive Offer – Understand the buyers
  2. Discussing the findings with tour operators and product owners – Understand the sellers and crate products and prices that matches the buyers needs and budgets
  3. Develop market-specific marketing strategy – set an approach
  4. Trade event round Albania – Get the buyers and sellers together
  5. Famtrip to Kosovo – Get buyers see the destination and products
  6. Prepare a marketing concept – prepare stake holders to improve public awareness about the destination

A strategic marketing approach is a most effective way to get Albanian tourists to visit Kosovo. The cultural, social, business and historical links between two countries are very strong. There is a general assumption that lot of people in Albania haven’t visited Kosovo for tourism purposes yet. Kosovo as destination offers lot of advantages for Albanian tourists, beginning from perfect accessibility, accommodation choice, activity offers and natural attractions.

The market research foresees the assessment of client behavior, availability of  offers and promotional materials, clients needs and existing product usability. Both private clients and travel agencies in Albania will be assessed. The assumed client segmentation can be proven and eventually adjusted based on the findings.

The data from the survey will lead to SWOT analysis where the identified weakness will be reduced if not eliminate through coaching sessions with product owners and tour operators. The strengths and opportunities will define the Unique Selling Proposition for the Albanian market. The USP will be then considered and incorporated into the product development and improvement phase.

Once we have completed the research process and identified our marketing goals and objectives, we must then devise the best plan or strategy for accomplishing these goals in terms of:

  • Segment Specialization
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Geographic focus