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Coaching Services for Inbound Tour Operators

As part of the project “Coaching essay writer Services for Inbound Tour writing an essay Operators” GearsUp Solutions conducted a customer survey which was a combination of two types of surveys:

  1. Customer Intention – Purchase Analysis Survey – Used to determine customer motivation to move from interest in essay writing the product to actual purchase.
  2. Customer Attitude and Expectation Survey – Used to understand if the product meets customer expectations and what are the attitudes formed about the product.

Main goal of the surveys was to provide us with more input/knowledge about the individuals who have or still haven’t visited Kosovo’s touristic destinations.

chart1We surveyed in total 149 respondents and we used the judgment sampling method essay writers to select respondents. A random sampling method was not feasible to be used due to the nature of the targeted segments to be surveyed. We were interested to survey foreign tourists, Kosovo’s diaspora, international expats that have lived or still live in Kosovo, as well as regional and domestic tourists. Therefore, conducting a randomization of such a diverse and specific segment was not feasible. Moreover, we were interested to sample individuals that have visited the Destination as well as individuals who have not. Therefore, since we needed to have prior knowledge of the audience which were to be surveyed an in order to select a more representative sample for the targeted segments we used a non-probability sampling technique such as expert knowledge Judgmental Sampling. Using judgmental sampling researchers selected units to be sampled based on their knowledge and professional judgment. We used our company expertise and its wide and different internal and external sources of networks to gather contact data of the targeted audience.

chart2The outcome and the results from this research will be used for the coaching needs provided by Gearsup Solutions for Inbound Tour Operators which will help them to improve existing tourism products.